Launch Awards Program Recipients 2020

2020-21 Recipients 

The DRN-LAP is intended for faculty of color and diversity scholars at MSU. The award supports scholars in launching new research through pilot study, creative projects of scholarly merit or the enhancement of a measure or technique. Work that benefits diverse scholars or populations will be prioritized. Collaborations across departments or colleges are also of high priority. 

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Prabhat Barnwal
College of Social Science, Economics 
Project: Improving Public Service Delivery to Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Citizens in India


Jennifer Cobbina
College of Social Science, Criminal Justice
Project: Protesting During a Pandemic: Narratives on Risk Taking and Motivation to Participating in the 2020 March on Washington


Angela Hall
College of Social Science, School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Project: An Exploratory Examination of Technologically-Mediated Challenges and Discrimination Experienced by African-American Job Seekers and Employees


Jungmin Kwon
College of Education, Teacher Education
Project: Teaching and Learning World Languages in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Contexts


Naoko Wake
College of Social Science, History
Project: Toward a History of Disability in the Asian Pacific Islander American Diaspora


Kevin Walker
College of Natural Sciences, Chemistry 
Project: Biocatalysis of Precursors of the Chemotherapeutic New-Generation Taxane SB-T-1214


Bruno Takahashi
College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Journalism
Project: Environmental risk perceptions among recent Latin American and Caribbean immigrants: The role of information sources and acculturation processes


Junghee Yoon
College of Social Science, Human Development and Family Studies 
Project: Pathways of Purpose in College Transition Among Asian/Asian American Students