We recognize that our community is significantly enhanced when diverse perspectives and varied life experiences that each individual contributes to it are respected and valued. Therefore, the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives seeks to create working and learning spaces that are equitable and welcoming to all. By offering educational opportunities that allow people to explore the complex issues around diversity, equity and inclusion through dialogue and sharing experiences, we build upon the premise that our difference is our strength. We also build the capacity of individuals to address and advance diversity, equity and inclusion issues in the workplace, and in- and outside the classroom. We invite collaboration across units to provide and share educational experiences in the form of workshops, seminars and innovative programs

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Small group workshops, large presentations, and other training on anti-bias, microaggressions, inclusive classrooms, and other topics.

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MSU Dialogues

The need for dialogue across difference is an essential life skill. MSU Intercultural Dialogues positions us to be local and national leaders in using a dialogic approach to strengthen our civil society and academic community.

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Understanding Implicit Bias Certification Series

We all play a role in MSU's ambition to achieve excellence through full participation, and this program will give you the tools to make a difference.

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Resources for Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom

Training and strategies for faculty on managing the climate in the classroom during the current presidential campaign.

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Diversity & Inclusion@MSU eLearning

Designed to introduce incoming students to MSU's core value of inclusion.

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Learn at Lunch

Held monthly during the academic year, these informal seminars address topics related to inclusion, social justice, and equity.

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Transforming Theatre Ensemble

Uses theatrical sketches to provide an interactive learning experience that engages audiences in collaborative problem solving.

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Communicating in a Diverse Community

Being aware and mindful of our language, both written and oral, can help create a supportive and inclusive climate.

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Religious Observances & Holidays

MSU has long had a policy to permit students, faculty/academic staff, and support staff to observe those holidays set aside by their chosen religious faith.

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Education Partners

The Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives partners with experts from across campus on diversity and inclusion education efforts.

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