Excellence in Diversity Awards

About the Event

In 1990, MSU launched a new program to celebrate its
diversity that quickly became nationally recognized and
modeled. The Excellence in Diversity Recognition and
Awards Program (EIDA) was created to promote and
encourage support of diversity by recognizing
individuals, teams, units and organizations that have
performed above and beyond what they were hired or
designated to do, to demonstrate outstanding
leadership and creativity in the area of diversity. In the
spring each year, the program culminates with a
ceremony to recognize winners of the award.

Award Ceremony: Open invitation.
February 11, 2020, 4PM, Big Ten A, Kellogg Center, MSU

2019-20 Selection Team

Hilda Mejia Abreu

John Beck

Judi Brown Clarke

Craig Gunn

Bess German

Kevin Leonard

Kendra Pyle

Academic Specialist Advising

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Individual Award: Emerging Process

Kate Sonka

Specialist Teacher-Continuing 

Academic Technology

Individual Award: Emerging Process

Richard Bryce

Assistant Professor

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Individual Award: Sustained Efforts toward Excellence in Diversity

Javier Pescador


Department of History

Individual Award: Sustained Efforts toward Excellence in Diversity

Wanda Lipscomb

Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Office of Diversity and Inclusion, College of Human Medicine

Individual Award: Lifetime Achievement

Project Biodiversify 

Plant Biology

College of Natural Science

Team Award: Emerging Process

R-Ladies East Lansing

Pathobiology and Diagnostics Investigation

Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research

Team Award: Emerging Process

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

Michael Hudson


Unit Award: Lifetime Achievement

Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration

Organization Award: Excellent Progress Toward Advancing Diversity Within Community