Writer's Mafungo

My only regret is not finding a group like that sooner. The sense of community was nurturing.

2019 Testimonial

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Summer 2022 Writer's Mafungo will be held June 5-8, 2022

The Writer’s Mafungo is a unique opportunity for diverse scholars to experience an interdisciplinary and intense writing space. Mafungo is a Swahili word meaning “retreat”. The 3-day experience is meant to provide a mutually supportive and challenging context away from campus and daily life enabling unfettered but dense writing time.  Writers must have a project in mind, and a set of achievable writing goals for each day of the experience. Additional experiences that enhance writing outcomes will be provided on site

…being able to tap back into this community of writers/scholars was invaluable at this time in my career.

2019 Testimonial

I reconnected with my identity as a scholar

2019 Testimonial

The participants are held accountable by one another in daily roundtables. The roundtables are supportive but also challenging mentoring and peer mentoring sessions. Each day participants revisit goals and revise them as necessary. The retreat also includes mindfulness training and writing coaching. In addition, participants will attend a follow-up session occurring in early fall to determine the completion and outcome of the project, and to reconnect with the group. 


Accommodations are provided. Participants are responsible for some meals and transportation to the retreat site.


Applicants will submit a 2-page description of their project and an achievable but detailed set of goals for the 3 days experience. In detail, the application should include: (1) a short letter of interest, (2) 500 word explanation of the project, (3) description of writing goals for the experience, (4) a short bio (100-150 words), and (5) a current CV. 

The experience is limited to 10 participants and selections will take into consideration the interdisciplinary nature of the group, quality of project, goal setting, and inclusion of faculty across career stages. Eligibility is prioritized for DRN members.



Crystal Mountain Resort in Michigan


June 5-8, 2022

Applications Due:

April 16, 2022