Conversations on Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Jan. 30 | Feb. 15 | Feb. 20 |March 5

5:15 - 7:15 p.m.

Case Hall, Club Spartan

Conversations on Antisemitism and Islamaphobia launched in spring 2023 and is a continuation of a previous MSU Dialogues program, restructured to better engage the campus community in these important topics.

In this four-part series, faculty experts will discuss the history and current manifestations of these prejudices, which occur globally, nationally and on college campuses. Throughout the series, discussions will center on incidents that occurred globally, nationally and within the MSU community. Participants will have the opportunity to share their observations and ideas that will contribute to the inclusivity of MSU.   

Student participation may be used as an Honors Option, please check with faculty for more information. Faculty and staff attendance may be considered for annual reviews and promotions.  

Participants are encouraged to attend all four in-person sessions for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the conversations. Complimentary pizza or Middle Eastern food will be provided at each session.

To register, Individuals must be logged in to the MSU Google Drive. For assistance with registering, please contact Dr. Patti Stewart at

In-person sessions are full and registration is now closed.


Dr. Yael Aronoff

Associate professor at James Madison College. Michael and Elaine Serling and Friends Endowed Chair in Israel Studies, Director of Jewish Studies at Michigan State University.

Dr. Kirsten Fermaglich

Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Associate Director of Jewish Studies, Michigan State University.

Dr. Mohammad Khalil

Professor of Religious Studies, Director of the Muslim Studies Program, and Adjunct Professor in the College of Law at Michigan State University. 

Dr. Morgan Shipley

Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Foglio Endowed Chair in Spirituality, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Michigan State University

Dr. Amy Simon

Assistant Professor, William and Audrey Farber Family Endowed Chair of Holocaust Studies and European Jewish History, participating in the Department of History, James Madison College, and Jewish Studies at Michigan State University