Letter from the Director

March 2018

Our campus community was fortunate to have Dolores Huerta, a civil rights icon and a 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree, join us as a featured speaker during the 2018 César Chávez Commemorative Celebration on February 27. Huerta shared stories and lessons from her experiences as a community organizer and human rights activist.

Huerta’s hard work, drive, and resilience opened doors for equality for women and migrant farm workers in the 1960s, and today at 87-years-old, Huerta continues to break down barriers and advocate for changes to our social, educational and economic systems.

In expressing her hopes and desires for the next generation of leaders, Huerta said, “We are one family. We are one human race. We’re supposed to support each other and take care of each other. We are one human family.”

Huerta’s reflections are especially instructive at this time in MSU’s history. Our institution has a deep commitment to valuing and promoting inclusiveness, providing access to education, and equipping MSU students and faculty with the tools to build themselves as leaders and to build bridges in communities. 

We as Spartans must continue to be resilient, act with courage and advocate for the respect and equal treatment of everyone in our community, even when those who may disagree with our university values and mission enter our spaces.

As we approach the end of spring semester, the graduation of so many Spartans who will continue as alumni of MSU, and this season of renewal, I hope all Spartans will seek out and encourage others to participate in opportunities to collaborate, learn and open dialogue across differences. This is who we are and these are the values that what we must uphold.

Paulette Granberry Russell
Senior Advisor to the President and Director 
Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

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