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Michigan State University is committed to be a national leader in increasing diversity, promoting inclusion, ensuring equity and eliminating disparities.


Kevin Guskiewicz"As we move forward with our strategic initiatives, it is imperative that we align all efforts with MSU’s diversity, equity and inclusion values, ensuring that we prioritize a student-focused, forward-looking and boldly strategic pursuit of a more inclusive university community."



The information below will be updated annually to track MSU’s progress on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion strategic priorities. The DEI Strategic Theme Subcommittee supports the implementation and success of key institutional priorities. Specific details are available in the DEI scorecard report developed by the Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

The DEI Scorecard is best viewed on a computer screen.



DEI Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee

Jabbar R. Bennett


Jabbar R. Bennett, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer


  • Academic Affairs (Office of the Provost)
  • Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs
  • Health Sciences 
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
  • MSU Department of Police and Public Safety
  • MSU Extension
  • Office for Civil Rights and Title IX
  • Research and Innovation
  • Student Life and Engagement
  • University Advancement
  • University Communications

Implementation Timeline













Phase 1: Review and Identify DEI Steering Committee Report and Plan launch Review recommendations
Phase 2: Prioritize Convene action teams Prioritize action items
Phase 3: Measure and Report Request for status* DEI Annual Report/ Scorecard*
Phase 4: Identify Needs Review resources needed

*Reoccurs annually

Key Milestones

  • March 2024: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report
  • January 2024: Employee dashboard launch
  • November 2023: Unity Council and DEI scorecard launch
  • September 2023: Comparative dashboard launch
  • July 2023: IDI Summer Leadership Institute
  • March 2023: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report
  • 2022-23: Prioritize action items 
  • July 2022: IDI Summer Leadership Institute established
  • Spring 2022: DEI Strategic Planning Implementation Committee forms
  • Summer 2021: DEI Report and Plan launch
  • 2019-21: DEI Steering Committee

Organizational Change: Areas

To view specific changes, click on the results tab.

People: Recruit, Retain and Develop a Diverse Community Process: Create an inclusive and Equitable Campus Climate Products: Support Innovative and Inclusive Scholarship, Teaching Research and/or Services
  • Demographic changes over time (students, faculty, staff)
  • Climate surveys, focus groups
  • Changes in curriculum, educational offerings
  • New/revised recruitment, promotion, tenure policy/procedures
  • Investment
  • Measure of inclusive teaching
  • New/revised admissions policies/procedures
  • New/revised policies concerning staff equity
  • Inclusion of DEI in research activities
  • New hiring procedures
  • Affinity groups
  • Outreach/communication activities
  • Pipeline programs
  • DEI training
  • DEI awards/recognitions

Organizational Change: Results

To view general areas, click on the areas tab.

People: Recruit, Retain and Develop a Diverse Community Process: Create an inclusive and Equitable Campus Climate Products: Support Innovative and Inclusive Scholarship, Teaching Research and/or Services
  • Students of color increase to 26.6%​*
  • Graduation rate improve to 73% for students of color​*
  • MSU is top 3 in Big Ten for African American undergrad enrollment​*
  • Know More Survey​ results released
  • Stakeholders engage in Anti-Discrimination Policy revisions
  • Academic program review process includes DEI component
  • Reappointment, promotion and tenure process includes DEI-related activities
  • $38M multicultural center breaks ground
  • $48M record-setting diverse supplier spending​*
  • Department of African American and African Studies offers new major and expands space
  • Religious Observance Policy expands
  • Name, gender, pronoun data policy launches
  • HR establishes MLK holiday and adds flex days for support staff
  • Pathways to Research diversifies undergrad research experience
  • UComms establishes inclusive guide
  • College Access receives grant to prepare Lansing high school students for college
  • Spartan Tuition Advantage reduces barriers
  • President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues bylaws undergoes updates
  • Women's Advisory Committee renames itself to Workforce Action Committee for Spartan Staff
  • Henry Ford Health and MSU Health Sciences offers $100K cancer research grants
  • MSU Extension and North Carolina A&T University partner
  • MSU partners with HBCUs to establish "3 + 2" data science and packaging programs
  • DEI Foundations is being revamped to reflect Spartan community
  • Online search training for academic hiring emphasizes equity and bias reduction
  • Excellence in DEI Awards expands to all university award

*Based on 2021-22 data


DEI Scorecard

The DEI Scorecard assesses the progress of the four MSU DEI Report and Plan strategic goals. Additionally, the four strategic goals are cross listed with the five MSU 2030 DEI pillar strategic objectives. Visit the alignment chart, for information on how the goals and pillars are structured. 

The DEI Scorecard tracks 270 action items being advanced by 12 executive sponsored teams*. The scorecard is interactive. Click or hover over various elements to explore. Expand the viewer to fill the screen or zoom in as needed.

*Human Resources and Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs action teams are combined in the scorecard. 

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