Creating Inclusive Excellence Grants

Foremost among MSU’s values is inclusivenessInclusiveness provides opportunities for learners from all backgrounds to bring their passion and talent and join a vibrant, intellectual community built on mutual respect. The MSU community has the opportunity to create synergy within and across organizational systems in support of an inclusive educational and work environment through the “Creating Inclusive Excellence at Michigan State University” funding. 

Creating Inclusive Excellence funding presents an opportunity for Colleges and Academic Units to engage in efforts that will enhance academic quality, and through clearly articulated outcomes, demonstrably benefit students and create a more inclusive campus community for all. 

Each funding category requires evidence of support from unit or relevant administrators.  Proposals will NOT be considered without the requisite evidence of support. 

Funding for 2020-2021 CIEG Projects will be dependent on the availability of funds.  If there is a change in our ability to fund projects, notice will be provided to grant recipients as soon as possible.

Priority projects for 2020-2021 CIEG Awards

We will be reopening the campus during a period of time that includes a global pandemic that disproportionately affected the health and lives of Blacks, Latinx, and Indigenous communities in the United States, and where members of the Asian community describe incidents of being targeted and blamed for the spread of Covid19.  In addition, within the US and globally, protests are calling on institutions to address systemic and structural racism. The 2020-2021 call for CIEG proposals places as a priority on projects that will catalyze change at MSU, address racial inequities, and promote racial equality within MSU.  Faculty, students, and staff are invited to propose projects that will drive sustainable and meaningful systematic changes at MSU.

Category 1: College and Academic Unit: Creating Inclusive Excellence at MSU.  College and Academic Unit proposals should be aligned with MSU’s mission and values, including its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness. Please note, while a request may be made for multiple-year funding, a meritorious proposal may be deemed more appropriate for one year of funding.  Details on requests for proposals and determination of funding type are found:

Category 2(a) and (b): 2(a) College and Academic Unit, or 2(b) Other Academic/ Administrative Unit Individual or Group: Creating Inclusive Excellence at MSU.  Non-recurring funding is available for colleges, or academic unit requests that are supported by the college, and an individual or group of faculty and/or staff in departments, schools or all other major administrative units (e.g., Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, Residential and Hospitality Services, or Student Affairs and Services, etc.). Students may submit proposals with endorsement by faculty and/or staff.  Proposals for projects or programs that are not ad hoc (one-time only, e.g., speaker or event) must include an explanation regarding the sustainability of the project or program beyond the funding period by the college, academic or administrative unit.  Multiple-year funding is not generally available, but may be considered where appropriate.  

Funding Timeline

  • June: Call for proposals
  • July 31: Due date for submissions
  • September: Awards announced (mid-late September)

Directions and Deadline for Submission

Proposals are due Friday, July 31, 2020

Submit electronically (preferred method)

Submit print version - If you are not able to submit your proposal electronically, please mail completed materials, including the Contact Sheet, to: 

Sam Watson
Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
426 Auditorium Road
444 Administration Building


Contact Paulette Granberry Russell, Senior Advisor to the President for Diversity and Director, Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, at 517-353-3924; or Sam Watson, Executive Assistant