Spotlight: DEI Implemented Actions

January 10, 2023 - Henry Mochida

Many campus-wide action items are underway in alignment with the MSU 2030 university strategic plan's diversity, equity and inclusion objectives. The Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion highlights several of the implemented DEI recommendations across communications, academic affairs and public safety. 

Actions include robust resources, policy revisions and efforts that strengthen an inclusive culture at Michigan State.

Recommendations are featured from the DEI Steering Committee Report and Plan in four strategic goals: increase diversity, ensure equity, promote inclusion and enhance outreach and engagement. The objectives are from the MSU 2030: Empowering Excellence, Advancing Equity and Expanding Impact university strategic plan.


Recommendation: Inclusive Communications Guide
Goal: Promote Inclusion
MSU 2030 DEI Objective 4: Provide a world-class academic environment that integrates DEI in teaching, research and service.

University Communications and the Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion launched the Inclusive Guide, embedded as part of MSU's brand to inform campus communications, featuring four initial areas: gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, global identity and disability. Developed over 12-months of stakeholder engagement with MSU content experts, the guide aligns several MSU resources and initiatives, including the MSU Editorial Style Guide, the International Studies and Programs’ Globally Inclusive Language and Images Webinar Series and the Name, Gender, Sexual Identity and Pronoun Data Policy among others. The guide will be updated annually with considerations for including low income and underserved groups (Veteran, incarcerated, etc.), as well as inclusive demographic categories.



Chief Lynch presents Saira Malik her police academy graduation certificate

Recommendation: Community Policing
Goal: Promote Inclusion
MSU 2030 DEI Objective 3: Recruit, retain and expand career development for staff from diverse backgrounds.

In 2022, the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety revamped the Citizens Police Academy for students, staff, faculty and community members to improve understanding of public safety practices on campus. Twenty-one individuals completed the eight-week course, which will be instituted annually each fall. In addition, the department has made hiring, retaining and promoting qualified women a strategic priority, signing onto the 30x30 Initiative’s pledge. As a result, MSUDPPS now includes improving gender diversity in its mission and strategic plan, resulting in seven women officers being promoted (one deputy chief, two captains and four sergeants) among additional adopted practices. In November, the department hired Jacquez Gray as the first assistant director for diversity, equity and inclusion to advance education, wellness, community engagement and accessibility within DPPS.



Recommendation: University Religious Observance Policy
Goal: Ensure Equity
MSU 2030 DEI Objective 4: Provide a world-class academic environment that integrates DEI in teaching, research and service.

Following extensive review by the DEI Steering Committee, consisting of MSU’s students, staff and faculty, it was determined that a more robust and inclusive Religious Observance Policy was needed. On Oct. 18, 2022, the revised policy was approved by the University Council with a 94% endorsement vote. The new policy went into effect for spring 2023, requiring faculty and academic staff to make accommodations for students who miss classes for religious days. To support implementation, the Office of the Provost and Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion developed the religious observance calendar to assist in planning course syllabi. Further updates are planned for expanding the application of the policy in 2023.