DRN Reception Creates Connection

October 31, 2022 - Deborah J. Johnson

The Diversity Research Network began its 7th year of operation this fall welcoming new and returning faculty to the fall reception. More than 65 attendees signed up to participate this year. Each year DRN attempts to share comments and connection from key administrators among them Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Jabbar R. Bennett, Ph.D., Associate Provost of Faculty and Academic Staff Development Prabu David, Vice President of the Office of Research and Innovation Douglas Gage, and Jim Smith Director of Real-estate from the MSU Foundation and their offices.  

The reception also provides time to connect scholars to a community of researchers and resources at MSU during the event. Diverse and diversity scholars indicated that these objectives were met in feedback regarding the reception.  

Participant quote:

It was such a wonderful opportunity to network and meet scholars of color from around campus; people we might never meet otherwise. It is so great to hear of the various accomplishments and continue to explore potential collaborations. The DRN is such an impactful and important part of recruiting and supporting scholars of color at MSU, bringing excellence and diversity!

Deborah Johnson and Shondra MarshallParticipants gather around a tablePrabu David speakingDoug GageDoug Gage speaking to attendees Onlookers listen in to remarksGroup of scholars pose for a photo.Deborah Johnson and Pero Dagbovie