Welcome to DEI Communications Manager

July 7, 2021

Henry MochidaIn February, the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, or I3, welcomed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Communications Manager Henry Mochida to Michigan State University. He provides executive communications support to Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Jabbar R. Bennett, Ph.D., as well as guidance on DEI crisis communications, media relations, and content and channel strategy. Mochida works closely with the Office of the Provost’s communications team to support I3’s programmatic areas.

Since his arrival, Mochida has played a crucial role in elevating DEI initiatives by providing consultation to communicators across campus and between University Communications, the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives and the campus community at large including student leaders, staff and faculty affinity groups, and colleges and departments. 

Mochida has helped advance several campus-wide rollouts including the mandatory DEI Foundations educational module, DEI Steering Committee report, the first Juneteenth university recognition, the Diversity at MSU Report and The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center’s name change among others. 

Prior to arriving at MSU, Mochida worked at the University of Michigan as a public relations and communications specialist in student affairs for three nationally recognized social justice education units. Additionally, he served in a leadership capacity with DEI leads, and staff of color affinity groups and coalition networks to heighten their concerns across U-M.  

Mochida is a fifth-generation mixed race Japanese American born and raised in Hawaiʻi and has lived on the continent for over six years. He is currently working remotely from New England and is looking forward to returning to Michigan in August. In his down time, he enjoys being active outdoors, spending time with his family and connecting with his heritage through cooking. 

You can connect with Henry on LinkedIn and email mochidah@msu.edu