December 2020 - DEI Foundations

December 3, 2020

The online modules for Diversity Equity and Inclusion learning at MSU are underway. As an inaugural mandate from President Stanley, I3 coordinated the process of delivering 62,000 modules to employees and students over the last month (October/November). November holds completion deadlines for most employees, about 90% have indeed completed the Workplace modules. Student modules were delivered and are in progress, though an extended timeline was set to address end of semester exams converging with heightened stressors due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, completion deadlines will be asserted during the spring semester of 2021.

Our team has already learned a tremendous amount and received informative feedback. We are grateful for the numerous affirmations of learning among our community through the modules and equally grateful for the awareness of places where the modules falter and provide the opportunity for improvement. We are responding to that feedback in limited, but more immediate ways, and also preparing for more long-range revision and decision-making regarding the modules and their impact on the MSU community. For those currently engaged in the module we have the following FAQ Sheet that addresses technical and as well as critical content, extending the discourse where useful. This information is available on our website.

Once the module is completed we caution that these are beginning steps to DEI understanding and allyship. Our goal that this be a first experience engendering interest in deeper more nuanced learning about bias, DEI language, and inclusive community building remains. We are appreciative of a constituent community and so many partners that continue to engage us and support the broader process.