Coalition of Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Welcome to the Coalition of Racial and Ethnic Minorities (CoREM). CoREM is comprised of four historically underrepresented racial and ethnic faculty, staff and administrator organizations at Michigan State University. The organizations have been advocates for and supportive of diversity, equity and inclusion for more than 40 years.

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Welcome Reception for New Faculty and Staff of color

In the fall, CoREM hosts a reception to welcome new faculty, administrators and staff of color to MSU. The reception is supported by the Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. CoREM looks forward to meeting their newest constituents every year at the reception. This year's reception was organized by the Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators Association. For more information, email Stratton Lee

CoREM groups:

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American/Asian Faculty Staff Association (APIDA/AFSA) Leadership Team 

Our Mission

To serve as a collective Asian, Pacific Islander, DESI American/Asian (APIDA/A) voice on matters that impact the APIDA/A community at Michigan State University.

To increase the representation and participation of APIDA/A at all levels of the university and aspects of its functioning.

To increase awareness amongst the greater university community as well as the APIDA/A community itself of issues and concerns that directly and indirectly impact the APIDA/A community.

To advocate on behalf of the APIDA/A Faculty and Staff at MSU.

To serve as a resource for APIDA/A and the overall MSU community of students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators.

To stand and work in solidarity with the Coalition on Race Ethnic Minorities (CoREM) and other MSU affinity groups.


Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators Association (BFSAA)

Purpose and Responsibilities

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote an amicable, professional relationship between the Black faculty, staff, and administrators at Michigan State University and to enhance the Black experience on campus as well as the community-at-large. It further aims to:

  1. Provide a collective voice on all matters relating to Blacks at Michigan State University.
  2. Increase the involvement of Blacks in all levels of University life.
  3. Demand accountability from those involved in the formation of policies that impact upon Blacks in the MSU community.
  4. Develop effective channels of communication to bring about better understanding of the goals and objectives of equity and inclusion, and other articulated concerns as they relate to Blacks in the University community.
  5. Undertake a continuing plan to identify areas of need in program development and the recruitment of Black students, faculty, administrators, and staff.
  6. Encourage the development of academic excellence among Black students.

The Vision

The vision of the organization is to serve as a change agent and collective voice promoting equity, and inclusion for Black Faculty, staff, administrators, and students to pursue educational, scholastic, scholarly leadership, social, and professional development opportunities across all university environments and units and to promote academic success for Black students.

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to promote excellence, provide a collective voice, and advocate for full participation, leadership, development, and advancement of Black faculty, staff, administrators, and students in a dynamic and diverse Spartan community. We function as a critical resource to the university and hold the university accountable for its commitment to equity and inclusion. We are an influential voice that supports the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

  • President (CoREM Rep) - Stratton C. Lee,
  • Vice President (CoREM Rep) - Denise Troutman, Ph.D.,
  • Corresponding Secretary - Lee N. June, Ph.D., 
  • Recording Secretary - Vacant
  • Treasurer - Eunice F.  Foster, Ph.D.,
  • Strategic Communications Coordinator - Vacant
  • Webmaster - Vacant
  • Historian - Yolanda  Anderson, Ph.D.,


Chicano/Latino Faculty, Staff, Specialist and Graduate Student Association (ChiLA) 

ChiLA is a advocacy organization for all Latinxs. ChiLA members include all employees at Michigan State University (e.g., faculty, staff, specialists, and graduate students). Both on and off-campus, ChiLA is committed to speaking out on their behalf and to working with Michigan State University to find solutions to problems that prevent Latinxs from being a visible and viable part of the university and local community. ChiLA is dedicated to maintaining an oversight posture in the areas of student enrollment, staff employment, community outreach, and research relevant to the experience and condition of Latinxs, to ensure that the Latinx community is equitably represented in all aspects of university and to ensure that the university includes Latinxs in their outreach efforts.

ChiLA Executive Board:

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Educating, Anishinaabe: Giving, Learning and Empowering (EAGLE)

EAGLE is the American Indian faculty and staff association at MSU.  Educating, Anishinaabe: Giving, Learning and Empowering (EAGLE) is the American Indian faculty and staff association at MSU. The group is in the process of developing its website. Currently, American Indian and Indigenous Studies is hosting information about the organization. Visit the EAGLE page on the website

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