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Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct

Michigan State University is committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and that supports educational and career advancement on the basis of job and academic performance. Relationship violence and sexual misconduct subvert the mission of the University and offend the integrity of the University community.

Relationship violence is not only an act of physical violence, but an attack on one's sense of safety, well-being and dignity. It is not tolerated at Michigan State University.

Sexual assault is a form of Sexual Misconduct. The MSU Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy  (RVSM) prohibits all forms of relationship violence and sexual misconduct including sexual assault.

MSU's Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy apply to all members of the University community -- faculty, staff, and students. The Policy also prohibits sexual misconduct by third parties toward members of the University community.  

What Is Relationship Violence?

Relationship violence is a broad term that encompasses domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

What Is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misconduct is a broad term that encompasses sexual harassment and sexual violence

What Is Sexual Assault?

Actual, attempted or threatened sexual contact with another person without that person's consent. Sexual assault can be a violation of MSU's Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy. It can also be a crime under the Michigan Penal Code.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors, or other unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature when:

  1. submission to such behavior is made, explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of an individual's employment or status in a course, program, or activity; or
  2. submission to or rejection of such behavior is used as a basis for a decision affecting an individual's employment or participation in a course, program, or activity; or
  3. such behavior is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that a reasonable person would find that it:

a. alters the terms or conditions of a person's employment or educational experience, or

b. unreasonably interferes with an individual's work or performance in a course, program, or activity, thus creating a hostile or abusive working or educational environment.

How Do I Report Relationship Violence / Sexual MIsconduct?

Complaints of relationship violence/ sexual misconduct are investigated and handled pursuant to the University’s Policy.  The Chart below illustrates reporting Protocol. (Click chart to enlarge)

Reporting Protocol Chart

2014 Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Policies and Programs Task Force Report

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Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Policy

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MSU's Title IX Coordinator

Paulette Granberry Russell, J.D.

Senior Advisor to the President for Diversity and Director, Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

101 Olds Hall

East Lansing MI 48824

(517) 353-3922


e-Learning: SAFE

Title IX Coordinator

Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Policy

University Reporting Protocols on Sexual Assault / Child Abuse

Sexual Assault Resource Guide 

Interim ADP Hearings Board Procedures

FAQ’s Regarding Sexual Assault

Obama and Biden Speak on Preventing Sexual Assault Video

Contact Information


MSU’s commitment to the prevention of sexual harassment includes a commitment from every area on campus.  Therefore, starting in 2011, MSU has an appointee from every major academic and staff unit to serve as a liaison to the Title IX Coordinator’s Office.  The liaisons will receive special training and will be publically identified as a person to whom people can go in the unit for advice and referral in the event of an incident.

(SARV) Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program

MSU Sexual Assault Program - Counseling Center : (517) 355-3551(business line), (517) 372-6666 (24-hour crisis line)

Department of Student Life: 101 Student Services Building East Lansing, MI 48824 | (517) 355-8286

Police Department: 87 Red Cedar Road East Lansing, MI 48824 | (517)355-2221 | Emergencies 911


If you do not want to report sexual assault, but want to talk to someone confidentially, please contact the MSU Sexual Assault Program

The MSU Sexual Assault Program provides counseling and support groups to MSU students.  The Program’s 24-hour hotline and advocacy services are offered to anyone in the greater Lansing community.