MLK Planning Committee Roster 2016

While reflecting on Dr. King's message of civil rights and social justice for all through nonviolent means, the greater MSU community comes togethter to plan events being held around campus and in the neighboring community . Every year there is a strong representation of MSU student leaders on the planning committee that help shape this annual celebration. These students come from the ranks of the general student body and from established student groups and understand the importance of celebrating the life and carrying on the work of Dr. King.  They understand the work they do on the committee on behalf of the greater MSU community contributes to the direct advancement of  Diversity and Inclusion and the enhancement of the  inclusive nature of the climate all across our community.

With out the vision and strength of these student, staff, faculty, and community leaders this annual commemorative celebration would not be possible. The Office for Inclusion would like to personally thank the planning committee and especially the student leaders for all of their hard work to make each year better than the last.

The goals of student engagement on the MLK Planning Committee:

  1. To inspire young men and women to seek or accept leadership responsibilities as part of their contribution to society.
  2. To increase awareness of current and emerging leadership challenges.
  3. To develop a network of students to support future collaboration among these emerging leaders.
  4. To expand the professional network of students. 
  5. To provide increased opportunties for students to engage interculturally. 

The conference will help students to develop their leadership abilities through opportunities to see and hear inspirational leaders discuss issues that are relevant to communities that promote equity and social justice; participate as presenters on important social, environmental and political topics; learn from the examples of students leading other students in small-group discussions; learn how to effectively engage in difficult dialogue across different cultures, and become culturally competent.

Students will be better prepared to take on leadership roles and learn from their experience as leaders and followers on their campuses and in their local, national and global communities.  

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