Student Artistic Expression Contest

Students who have an interest in and appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusion are invited to demonstrate their talent by entering the Excellence in Diversity Awards "Students Making a Difference through Artistic Expression" contest.

Students can express their creativity in a variety of ways—for example, through a painting that expresses human rights; a sculpture that represents cultural diversity; a story, poem, or visual essay with a theme of social justice; or a performance focused on inclusion and equity. Be innovative, bold, and creative!

Categories include:

  • Visual
  • Written (original work)
  • Performance
  • Electronic medium (your work)

Along with traditional forms of art, this year MSU students are invited to use their artistic talents to express civil and human rights themes that are important to them as part of MSU's Project 60/50 initiative. Project 60/50 was launched in 2014 to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education that led to the desegregation of schools and public accommodations in the United States and the 50th anniversary of the passage and signing into law of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Learn more about the contest guidelines >

The entry deadline is November 18, 2016, by 5 p.m.


Up to three (3) $500 cash awards are available to winners. Students receiving honorable mention will receive certificates of recognition. 

Per university policy and procedure, cash awards will be disbursed through the student’s MSU student account. The award will be applied to any current balance, with a refund issued for any excess funds. If the student’s account has a zero balance, MSU will issue a refund check in the full amount of the award.