Preparing a Nomination Packet

A high-quality nomination packet should provide the selection team with a complete, well-written, and well-organized nomination detailing the work being performed by the nominee and why this work is believed to extend above and beyond what the nominee was hired or appointed to do. The list of items to include is below. Please allow plenty of time to complete the nomination.

If you have questions about preparing a nomination packet or would like assistance, contact the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-4563 or to arrange a consultation.

The deadline to submit nominations is November 9, 2018.

What to Include in a Nomination Packet

The following items must be included in the nomination packet. Incomplete packets may be subject to dismissal.

  1. Nomination Letter: Submit a typed narrative that provides a thorough description of the work performed by the nominee and an explanation of how the work exemplifies excellent performance relative to multicultural diversity and inclusion. Maximum number of pages is three (3). Use the following information as a narrative outline and see Tips for Writing a Strong Nomination Letter:
    • Explain why you (the nominator) believe the nominee went above and beyond the job or role in their performance.
    • Include a list of activities that reflect outstanding examples of diversity initiatives performed by the nominee.
    • Citing examples, thoroughly explain how the nominee’s diversity initiatives have impacted the university and its communities either locally, nationally, or globally.
  2. Individual Nominees: Include a concise job description and a current resume or curriculum vitae.
  3. Team/Unit/Organization Nominees: Include a concise description of the role and purpose of the team, unit, or organization. You also may include the organization’s bylaws or a descriptive history of the organization. All members of a team must be named and listed as part of the nomination process.
  4. Support Letters: Support letters should not be generic in nature. Authors should be knowledgeable about and able to articulate reasons for supporting the nominee for this award. At least one (1) support letter must be from a MSU faculty or staff member. A maximum of three (3) one-page typed letters must be submitted.

Submit the nomination packet online.