Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements

The Excellence in Diversity Awards selection team is looking for initiatives that are outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary, and innovative in areas such as teaching, research, programs, services, and community outreach.

Please review the following information to learn more about the EIDA nomination and selection process. After you have reviewed the requirements and guidelines, learn how to prepare a nomination packet

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-4563 or

The deadline to submit nominations is November 9, 2018.


Eligibility Requirements for Nominees and Definition of Terms

Main Categories

  • Individuals are eligible for the Excellence in Diversity Award. Nominees must be current students or employees at Michigan State University. A student must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the time of their nomination and when the award is issued. An employee must be a current Michigan State University faculty or staff (academic or university support) member.
  • Teams are defined as any joint endeavor or group, including ad hoc committees operating collaboratively on a program or initiative within the university community, and are not limited to formal organizational units.
  • Units or organizations are defined as a college, an academic/support department, or a student, faculty, or staff organization recognized as a bona fide group by the university. Student organizations must be registered and faculty/staff organizations must have within the nomination a statement describing the organizational history.  

Individual/Team Cash Award Subcategories

  • Emerging Progress: recognizes extraordinary initiatives of five (5) years or less at Michigan State University.
  • Sustained Effort Toward Excellence in Diversity (SEED): recognizes outstanding efforts made for at least five (5) years during an individual’s or team’s career at Michigan State University.
  • Advancing Global Competency: recognizes individuals and teams that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the value of internationalizing the student experience through the integration of “global competency” into their work.

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Lifetime Achievement: recognizes exemplary efforts made throughout a career at Michigan State University for developing program/s that is/are sustainable within the university. Nominations in this category must demonstrate that nominees have collaborated with others at the university or in the surrounding communities to build and support the program/s.

Unit/Organization Plaque Award Subcategories

  • Excellent Progress Toward Advancing Diversity Within Community: recognizes MSU units/organizations that have developed effective methods in support of diversity and multiculturalism to create and support a positive atmosphere within the university. This category recognizes consistent efforts that support diversity. The unit/organization establishes and maintains an innovative system to recruit and retain a diverse workplace or environment. The unit administrator or university organization supports, encourages, and recognizes diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Excellent Progress Toward Diversity Collaboration: recognizes efforts made in collaboration with other campus units/organizations and community groups to recruit people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds by establishing and maintaining an employment or recruitment process for increasing members of underrepresented groups; sponsors or promotes activities in the area of diversity, i.e., conferences, workshops, or services.
  • Advancing Global Competency: recognizes units/organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the value of internationalizing the student experience through the integration of “global competency” into their work.

EIDA Prizes

Up to three (3) $2,500 cash awards are available to individuals, up to three (3) $2,500 cash awards are available to teams, and up to three (3) recognition plaques are available to deserving units, and organizations. Special recognition and crystal awards are given to winning nominees in the “Lifetime Achievement” subcategory.